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  • Ultra light mobile HF X-Ray (<55 Kg)
  • 2.8kW, 200kHz, 60mA with APR
  • Hand-held plus Integrated Console for setting & Exposure
  • ± 90° collimator rotation
  • Tube-head rotation
  • Suitable for NICU, ICU, Trauma, Ortho & Ambulance



  • 200 kHz, 4 kW, 100mA Mobile HF X-Ray
  • Draws clean power from mains
  • Negligible leakage radiation
  • Easy to move (<85 kg)
  • ± 90° collimator rotation
  • Tube-head rotation
  • Suitable for NICU, ICU, Trauma & Ortho



Transporting a critically ill patient through the hospital requires a lightweight device with extensive monitoring capabilities. And that’s exactly what you get with the X Series®, plus defibrillation and real-time CPR feedback in one compact device.

Weighing under 12 pounds, the X Series is full featured and designed to be effective for all patients, including neonates.

Beyond the benefits of size, weight, and durability, the X Series is the optimal device for patient transport, offering pacing and advanced monitoring features that include:

  • Capnography
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Three invasive pressures
  • Two temperature channels
  • Non-invasive blood pressure



  • 45kW HF Fixed RAD System
  • kVp Range: 40kV-125kV
  • mA Range: 10mA-600mA
  • Fail-safe brake operation
  • Rotating Anode with Dual Focal Spots
  • Fixed Height 4 Way Floating Table
  • Under Table Bucky – independently positioned – suitable for Film or CR cassette
  • Motorized Vertical Movement for tubehead
  • Tubehead Console controls for magnetic lock release and motorized movement activation
  • Synchronized movement with Chest Stand
  • Software for Generator & Exposure Control



  • 45kW-80kW HF Flat panel Digital Radiography Platform
  • kVp Range: 50-150
  • mA Range: 160-1000
  • 16-bit dynamic range, 16”x16”/ 17”x17” CsI Flat panel Detector
  • Intelligent anti-collision system
  • All movements motorized
  • Integrated auto-positioning

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