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The demand for heavy-load operating tables is growing all around the world. The ALPHAMAXX by Maquet offers unparalleled safety and stability. Developed in collaboration with physicians and surgeons, ALPHAMAXX offers maximum load capacity, maximum flexibility and maximum comfort. The modular structure allows adaptation to the patient’s body size and can withstand extreme loads in every position. ALPHAMAXX can be quickly and easily equipped for any surgical discipline.

Advantages include maximum height adjustment, longitudinal shift, lateral tilt and special positions as well as a load capacity of up to 450 kg / 1000 lbs.



One table. Forty-five positions. Hundreds of procedures
Now it’s possible to perform 90% or more of your surgical procedures on a single accessory-enriched mobile platform that reduces the need to invest in capital intensive and under utilized specialty tables. Across the full spectrum of surgical disciplines, MEERA multi-disciplinary mobile operating tables deliver superior and uncompromized patient comfort, access and safety.

Comfort for you, comfort for them.
MEERA’s compact and concave table base allows members of your surgical team to stand as close as possible to the patient to help reduce muscle fatigue during lengthy procedures. At the same time, highly supportive, double layer soft foam core (SFC) padding prevents pressure points, while its Polyurethane cover conserves the patient’s body temperature.

The mobile table that’s easy to maneuver.
Four double-swivel castors provide unrestricted movement in any direction. MEERA also can be specified with an optional motorized auto drive designed to reduce the incidence of OR staff's back strains and injuries.

An available remote Sensor Drive speed control unit permits precise user-controlled speed adjustments of the surgical table.

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