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Magnaled Sleek Plus 500 / 500


Magnaled Sphere 620 / 620


Magnaled Sleek 4 + 3


Magnaled Sphere 700/ 500


Lucea LED 50-100


LUCEA 50 & 100 surgical lights have been developed in order to provide any operating room with LED technology. Their innovative design, combined with a functional shape, offers an efficient product to the surgical staff.



With the VOLISTA® product range, Maquet offers a comprehensive product line that integrates lighting, suspension and multimedia equipment (thanks to the Quick Lock system), to meet the individual needs of each surgical theater. VOLISTA range extends in a gradual offer with:

During open surgery, surgeons require to see clearly in order to operate in even the most difficult conditions.

An operating light that contributes to a safe interpretation of the patient’s condition is essential. VOLISTA range’s unique design fulfills this need by providing constant illumination with natural colors.

  • Enhanced safety: reduce day-to-day stress and improve safety for patients and surgical teams alike.
  • Enhanced performance: work in the best possible conditions in order to concentrate exclusively on the patient throughout the procedure.
  • Enhanced ambient work: VOLISTA offers a specific green ambient light mode which brings a peaceful vibes to the operating room.

H LED Surgical Light


H LED surgical light is a long-lasting light based on LED technology. It combines comfort, cost-savings, HD image integration and sustainable development for efficient use in the surgical suite.

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